Aligning Human Capital

How do we ensure successful execution of our straetgy? Every organization will plan resources while designing growth strategies - Infrastrcture, Technology, People, Money. Where should we focus most? Ultimately who executes the strategy? Its our people – not Technology, Infrastrure or Money. Our people will build infrastructure, technology and ensure effective utilization of financial resources provided to them.

Drafting people strategy is much beyond drawing desired organization chart and recruitment planning. Every leader must focus on following areas to ensure that the human capital of organization is aligned and achieving desired strategic outputs.

  • Whether my current team has clearly understood organizational objectives and their role in achieving the same?
  • Have I identified the skills and knowledge required within my current team to achieve desired results? If there is a GAP how am I planning to bridge the same?
  • What kind of new skills / knowledge I will need to acquire and at what stage?
  • Can employees visualize their growth within the organization?
  • Do I have right tools to measure people alignment and their outputs towards growth?
  • How do I keep all members motivated and confident on organizational objectives?
  • How do I retain key contributors?

A structured human resource alignment roadmap is mandatory for a leader to ensure successful achievement of organizational objectives.

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