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“It is mandatory that we continually improve our growth rate; not just to stay on top of the industry, but to survive in the competition”. As a business head we continuously face this challenge and we drive our strategies to capture higher market share, new products / services etc. The biggest challenge observed during this stiff competition is to manage profits. It is important that we keep a continuous eye on the profit line along with our market position / share and turn-over. As we grow we are bound to bring inefficiency in the organization and it is important that we conduct a detailed study of our organization at a predefined interval to identify the improvement areas which can bring back the efficiency levels.

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  • Dreaming vs. Planning
    Foundation of any business is its vision; not the revenue or profit achieved in current year or last year. Visualizing where the business can
  • Motivation WITHOUT Money
    companies are actually giving a thought on above & few have started using distinctive tactics & approaches to motivate the talent because even those who

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