Risk Management

Internal Control Environment (Risk Management & Compliance)

  • Establish Internal Control Environment to Ensure Accurate Financial Reporting SOx, J-Sox, Corporate Governance

  • Defined Methodology, Templates & Control Matrix
Corporate Governance/ SOX are of prime importance in creating long term trust between Companies and the External World. Its focus is on disclosure of the various Financial as well as Non-Financial decisions made by the Enterprise.

Our approach to Corporate Governance is to establish an Internal Control Environment that adheres to the regulations prescribed by the Government, so as to ensure ‘Accurate and Timely’ Financial Reporting.

Segregation of Duties (Risk Management & Compliance)

Delegation of responsibilities and authorities has become a key to success for most of the leaders. Along with the benefit comes the risk of granting conflicting responsibilities to your second line. Unfortunately with the speed of growth Top Management could spend little time on evaluating such conflicting responsibilities in their organization. A Database is designed listing key financial activities (170) from the important business cycles. It identifies potential 2000 conflicts in an organization. We identify all the people who can perform the listed activities and then feed it to the tool which gives you current conflicting responsibilities. This helps organizations in taking appropriate decision to avoid, control or accept the risk.

Business Continuity Planning

Business Continuity Plan is also popularly known as ‘Plan B’. Every business faces minor downtimes and major uncertainties; hence it is important to have plans in place which support business contingency. We help the Top Management of the Organization in the strategic design of the BCP to create a realistic plan which will be focused on the business interest of the company.

Aim for the BEST Be prepared for the WORST.

Enterprise Risk Management

Today’s Enterprises operate in a highly complex and dynamic environment. Management’s decision making with respect to business strategy is subject to various uncertainties and risks arising out of internal as well as external environment. If such uncertainties and risks are not identified and addressed in time, then they can lead to wrong decisions and can have adverse impact on the continuity of the enterprise.

Our approach to Enterprise Risk Management is to Identify and manage Top 10 most significant risks. Once identified we design structured rating system for each of the Top 10 risks. Monitoring of these risks happens with 2 inputs; a) objective rating with data analysis, and b) subjective rating by Senior Management.

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