Training Programs Offered

We offer a series of training programs to help management develop right skills in their organization covering wide range of topics. Our programs are delivered in 2 different approaches;

  • (a) High Level overview for Top Management and
  • (b) Detailed workshop for the executive management to ensure successful implementation of the concept.

Sr. No. Title
01 Mapping Organizational Growth Strategy
02 Converting Strategy into Operations (Balance Scorecard)
03 Enterprise Risk Management
04 Establishing Internal Control Environment
05 Linking Employee Performance with Organizational Objectives (Employee Scorecard)
06 Business Process Maturity Model
07 Corporate Social Responsibility
08 Converting Strategy into Operations (Balance Scorecard)
09 IT Governance
10 Business Continuity Planning
11 Super Sales-Man
12 Leadership Development Program
13 Recruiting for Results
14 Six Sigma Awareness
15 ISO 27001 (ISMS) – Information Security Management Systems
16 ISO 9001 – Quality Management systems
17 Internal Auditor
18 HACCP – Food Safety Standards

White Paper

  • Dreaming vs. Planning
    Foundation of any business is its vision; not the revenue or profit achieved in current year or last year. Visualizing where the business can
  • Motivation WITHOUT Money
    companies are actually giving a thought on above & few have started using distinctive tactics & approaches to motivate the talent because even those who

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