Team Ideologies

Independently capable

We are great team workers but are very much capable independently to plan and execute our work. All team members even new, are encouraged and trained to be able to manage their work and time. This culture drives ownership from members.

One on Values

We are different in our grades and experiences, but one on value. Our shared values are the roots for partnering us strongly with each other and the organization.

Continuous learning

It is not just a requirement in our jobs to continue to learn, it is very much a habit of ours to continue to learn and expand knowledge of oneself and others. We do internal trainings and various exciting sessions to share knowledge with each other. Read about Enigma here to gain more insight.

Clean slate

We don’t just say it, we practice it. Fresh blood, fresh ideas. We provide enough opportunities to members to bring forward their ideas without the influence of boring templates so we can actually excel and invent new solutions for our clients.

Message from Director

Through years of experience in various forms of business, and serving in the capacity of a policy maker as well as implementer, it led to an understanding of complexities we face in transformation. Going forward with this belief, we never wanted to be assessors and advisors. We knew the power of partnership between client and consultants which helps in driving success from advisory. Since then, we always wanted to partner the transformation journey.

The thrill and excitement in becoming true partners and seeing change happen is next level. The sense of ownership derived from partnership, helps developing paramount levels of commitment and ethics in the approach to all our engagements. Our speed of executions multiplies through this mash up of clients technical abilities and our strategic abilities.

Apart from this, we are meticulous planners. Our strength of micro planning of dreams into activities helps materialize visions across businesses. We create this roadmap for clients to follow wherein we monitor and coach them. We are also driven by the culture of creativity. It moves us leaps ahead of our own capabilities. In order to match the need to create benchmark organizations, we imbibe the culture of perfection and creativity.

Our values override and help us in our foundation work. It helps us create the establishment of force holding this robust core of commitment to purpose, perfection and creativity.

Parth Hirani – Director