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At J.hirani, we do not design ‘best practices’. Operations excellence focusses on goals and needs aggregated from the current as well as expected business environment of the client. For this, a fresh focus on company’s mission and customer needs is made. Existing processes are mapped using various tools like workflow analysis, customer journey map, organisational charts, job descriptions etc. new processes are designed and implemented through an array of trainings, brainstorming meetings, group activities etc.

The technique uses various tools and methods in the entire process from understanding to design to implementation to reviewing the progress. The new processes are framed with a view to improve quality, speed, dependability, flexibility and cost as well as elimination of activities that do not add value.

At J.hirani, reengineering aims at changing mindset, the way of working. It is a thought process for carrying out everyday business transactions. We do this by providing guidelines to owners of processes which empowers them to make critical choices and improve processes over time. Having smooth operations avoids wastage of resources, operating in silos, and clarifies activities to owners and customers. Thus providing job satisfaction to our people. The communication becomes clearer with customers which helps customer engagement and retention.

We start our design with having the right structure which allows clear role and work identification and clarifies important cross functional communication. Our guideline approach helps in multiplying automated decisions. Since operations require thought process changes, we also provide and facilitate training to support complete implementation.

Operations change is followed by technology change. Read more on digital transformation here. Customer facing operations, employee focus, strategy focus, leadership focus, innovation focus, better communication which is backbone.

Why choose us

Deep understanding of business functions

However complex, our teams have built complex thinking and analysis over time, able to grasp knowledge efficiently. Having worked with many industries, we are equipped with technical know-how and are always updated with current trends in operations management in the industry and technology sphere.

Training across all levels

We are skilled in bringing cultural and thought process changes within organizations. Our training programs vary as per the functions and level of job. We employ a range of training methods to bring change in the way people work and communicate.

Happy clients speak

Our efforts on operations excellence do not end at design. We like making it live. This approach has helped all of our clients as our designs are very custom and results are ensured. Our happy clients have received benefits of having us overhaul processes across manufacturing, trading and retailing alike. Read our case study on operations excellence here.


Higher profitability

Our clients have experienced end results of better quality products and services, have attracted better talent to jobs, motivated teams, lower costs and also higher profitability.

Become efficient

Our efficient design and implementations have helped our clients be more valuable to their customers. It has helped eliminate rudimentary processes, eliminating bottlenecks, bureaucratic and slower processes, thereby making the system very efficient, transparent and cohesive. This has led to better people engagement and higher retention of customers.

Better communication throughout organization

Our processes are defined to bring transparency and cohesiveness within business functions. This helps cross functional alignment and better teamwork from members. People understand their roles better and how each function supports the overall organization mission. Communication becomes clearer and transparent as well due to this.

Business Strategy

Business Strategy


Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation