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Different people, Different motivations, Different knowledge, Different levels of Engagement. With so many differences between us, we are helping you find the common core

At J.hirani, when we talk about people and culture, we are referring to the roots that keep them together- Core values and mission. Culture dictates a lot of things indirectly. It is reflected in our appearance, behavior, communication, values and skills. When there is a complete culture fit, it leads to engaged people. Engaged members are 5 times higher performers. These people are emotionally attached to the needs of the organization. They are engaged and emotionally committed to business and its goals, thus able to make critical choices, achieve higher results, perform higher acts.

Culture provides identity and framework for people, processes and policies. Culture mapping is an important component in our study about business. Culture itself defines many of the weaknesses and strengths a business has.

Culture is the backbone for the majority of implementation projects. With the initiation of association, we start changing thought processes which can open mindset, embrace change and enhance focus towards growth so that people understand how important change is, and take time out for growth.

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Why choose us

Re-wiring and motivating the human brain is a task. Everyone does not carry the same amount of skills, knowledge, thinking and exposure and everyone also has a different pace of learning.

Similarly every organization is of different nature. The industry, the environment, the promoters, their values are different. This is the reason we don’t disrupt culture, but build it on what is existing and extend it for the better.

Our strategies, policies, procedures and tools have been proven successful over time. We constantly upgrade our service offering and improve the value delivered to our clients.

We have implemented policies and trained people of multi sized businesses and with our custom approach.


Everyone responds differently in similar environments. In order to bring everyone on the same page, the sense of team is very important. It is only the context of being a member and part of something, that people are able to put their own needs aside and act towards a common goal.

With our people and culture module, we have been able to successfully build an agile environment with cross functional organization structure making teams faster, better and efficient. The results have benefited the organization and individuals alike.


“Holding Culture before Policy, Always”

“Holding Culture before Policy, Always”

Leadership and Competencies to become an Exponential Organisation

Casestudy: e-Kal Digital Schooling and Educating

Casestudy: e-Kal Digital Schooling and Educating

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