Scenario Mapping


Business environment is complex as its future is influenced and shaped by various factors. The factor might not be intense at first, but over time, might be something that changes the entire face of an industry and the environment we operate in.

Businesses constantly witness changes in customer needs, market size, technology upgradation, new product solutions etc.  These environmental factors influence or disrupt each other. No factor changes in isolation. For e.g. Consumer behaviour may change due to technology upgrades and this may shift the future scenario of a market buying pattern.

Scenario mapping is not a tool or a technique to predict future. Neither it summarises what we want to happen and where we wish to take our business in long term future. It is a tool to identify most likely situations in future (scenarios) creating alternate worlds which may exist a long time from now and how our industry will identify in that future. It is a visual aid enlightening our understanding about the world and open our minds to a future completely different than the one we exist in. This guidance helps businesses direct long term and short term strategies and align itself better taking the future into account. Scenario mapping method makes use of principles like any science. It involves careful planning, study, statistical probabilities, permutations, combinations and generates the most likely situations. It takes into account not just one, or two but every single dimension that exist in the market capable of affecting the business environment to a larger degree.

Scenario mapping has a high value added through human interpretation, but with its principles applied, it overcomes a judgement based approach and becomes a conclusive, facts based insight.

Watch Banking Industry Future Scenario:

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Ever improving methods and outputs

Practice makes us perfect. Our clean slate approach and convention to innovate, leads us to newer methods, search for better techniques, efficient delivery and use of tools for carrying out research and improves reporting/ presentation for eventual strategic options.

Well learned team of researchers

The exercise employs time, comprehensive analysis and thinking, interpretation skills, rich imagination, debating skills, decision making abilities and strong presentation skills. Our curious team is able to bring forth these skills to the table.


Have opportunities knocking

With scenario mapping exercise businesses get the opportunity to invent and be the first mover. Even during bleak market times, it helps see how positive changes could be brought in.

Long term path

With changing business environment, gaining insight 20-30 years into the future and forming a solid ground of strategic direction is a huge competitive advantage for businesses. It guides for long term vision and helps align present with the future.

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Agile Transformation


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