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A good strategy takes a comprehensive approach, is aligned with business goals and is a roadmap that gets you excited – the perfect time frame for achieving challenging yet realistic goals.

When we talk about achieving goals, it is important to understand how everything in the organization is interlinked and exists in order to help each other; and what role people and their mindset play in basing strategies. At the same time it is also important to know that in order to achieve strategic goals, different functions of business and people from different departments have to come together instead of working in silos.

Only having sales goals, is not enough; only a motivated team is not enough. Strategic goals always supersede departmental goals, and therefore a comprehensive design of strategy is required. Our strategy design process takes into account 360 view, uses adaptive framework and easy to understand actionable plans.

At J.hirani we excel in driving businesses with a purpose. Having worked with 100+ clients and training numerous top managerial people on purpose finding, we are able to devise strategies which are aligned with mission, goals, with each other, with people and other stakeholders.

A good strategy ensures businesses actually achieve goals in reality, not just lay out plans of actions. In order to achieve plans, we implement PDCA cycle. For this to happen, flexibility and agility is needed to be instilled. We put maximum efforts to ensure we generate desired results with no negative impact due to continuous adaptation and iterations.

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Why choose us

We are realistic, and so are our Strategies

At J.hirani business strategy does not end at design. We pride ourselves in being able to add value by having strategies implemented and achieved. Thereby making it absolutely important to us that our designs are implementable, realistic and Benchmark. We are driven to see dreams turn to great plans and have them become reality.

Strong framework

About 90% of our strategic projects also involve implementation. For this reason, our efforts have shaped a comprehensive and realizable framework. Our motive is to have a map to get each person involved and excited.

Fresh ideas and fresh views

Business are not easy, there’s too much work and too many things to organize and coordinate. Many times it becomes difficult to take time out to think for growth or think outside the box to find solutions to everyday problems. At such times, having us on board is an added advantage. We love addressing challenges and are skilled at thinking logically and finding solutions to them.

Steadfast in Review

Our strategies may be flexible but our reviews are unwavering. We believe consistency generates success and always provides results. We follow a strict review regime with our clients in order to map efforts towards implementation and mend efforts wherever necessary to ensure the entire activity stays on track.


Be Faster and compete Better

We core all implementations around our goal of making clients faster, fit and benchmark in their industry. That is to have an agile mindset focused on mission, clean operations and flexibility to constantly evolve.

Take time to Grow

Time is an important element for success however, it is very limited considering how busy managing business transactions makes us. It is not only important for top management to grow a business, it is also important that they get time to grow their mindset. At J.hirani, we are skilled in coaching and mentoring every level of personnel and guide them to perform better.

Cultural change

Working with us, brings positive change in how our clients think and act. Success of strategy depends on ownership by people, but instilling this ownership is tough since people are naturally resistant to change. Our efforts in the line of preparing teams for strategic changes, brings foundation level changes in how organization functions thereby helping clients drive even the slightest initiative with little effort.

Scenario Mapping

Scenario Mapping


Operations Excellence

Operations Excellence