Balanced Scorecard is a great tool widely used for getting insights on achievements against objectives as well as for framing strategic initiatives. It helps translating qualitative and quantitative goals into metrics. This metrics contains key measures which are prioritized for company’s vision, goals and strategies. The framework is easy to understand, comprehensive and helps aligning process, projects, initiatives and organization as a whole.

At J.hirani, we excel in scorecard designing. We are experienced in creating smart visuals; user friendly and interactive analytics, that aid discussion and decision making. Since we assume the role of growth partner, we undertake scheduled reviews of scorecards with our clients. Such reviews are more than a review of numbers. It communicates a state of mind. The approach of review is not fault finding. It is to appreciate team efforts and understand genuine challenges beyond numbers and measures. It is aligning knowledge and goals with the owners so they can work effectively.

Scorecards Pro as an activity, is a cultural change. It provides clarity to owners of process and projects. It prioritizes different goals of department. It brings forward a data driven culture and communication helping improve operations. It greatly helps learning and growth. People learn to take ownership of actions as they review their own individual and group efforts. The measures may be good or bad, but the action is always positive. Our reviews provide opportunities to adjust efforts in order to overcome shortcomings so that we do not deviate from speeding towards goals.

Balanced vs Imbalanced Scorecard

Why choose us

Our investment in understanding client functions enables us to comprehend and map miniscule level of data to the KPIs. Our team consisting of CA and business analysts excel at their job. They have experience working with large number of clients from different industries and sizes and types of business. Reports and analytics screens are developed for individuals, managers and top level management.

We are capable of organizing large amounts of data and linking them together in a way that makes sense.

We have our clients look at numbers at a predefined frequency to make decisions and take timely actions. We facilitate review meets and guide clients.


Instilling a habit of reviewing business at predefined frequency. Looking at only what is important. Be able to take better and faster decisions.

Review strategy in action- change upgrade direction, Avoid slags and pitfalls

Work with ease – without the pressure of not knowing. The unknown creates stress.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation


“Holding Culture before Policy, Always”

“Holding Culture before Policy, Always”

Leadership and Competencies to become an Exponential Organisation