Digital Transformation


Functional technologies are helping businesses worldwide. They are industry specific and custom to the needs of regional businesses. However, when we map utilization ratio of these functional systems, the score is pretty low. Majority of businesses utilize systems for accounting, followed by inventory management, CRM and so forth.

Many businesses are nascent in technology exploration in areas of marketing, project management, HR, manufacturing, support processes etc.

At J.hirani we provide service of Selection and Utilization of functional technologies. These technologies support business functions and follow re-engineering outputs. The needs identified during operations excellence serve as an input for identifying technology requirements in the business.

Today tech has progressed into a user friendly environment making it very easy and supportive to function owners. Automation and AI recommendation are helping businesses make faster and smarter choices. The role of IT has moved from data entry to driving efficiency and value delivery throughout business.

We help organizations adapt full digital transformations with a 4 step approach:

Digital Transformation Road-map

Why choose us

Knowledge and experience

We have helped businesses select the best IT solutions based on their needs. Teams working on Digital transformation are experienced in managing customization of existing software as well. We work as a facilitator and guide in the entire journey of a business from identification of gaps, selecting solutions, implementing solutions and improving technology utilization.

Our strengths are not technical but operational and strategic. Due to this, companies with dedicated IT departments to ones that do not have a dedicated IT team, have been able to gain value from our involvement in the process of digital transformation.

Focus Areas -digital transformation


Greater efficiency

Proper systems help in leveraging better techniques of doing business whether it is manufacturing or trading or selling direct to consumers.

The data flow becomes better, activities get aligned and flow better thereby helping streamline operations.

Smarter choices

Having us on board, clients are able to gain better ROI on their IT investments. Sometimes what the business needs may not be new software but minor up-gradation or better utilization of existing software.

Improve employee and business productivity

It may seem challenging to use technology for minor business functions, but the benefits outweigh the time and effort invested. The data from small processes (which are part of a larger process) have a significant impact on critical operations of business. It helps speed up value delivery and thus must be considered.

Retain talent and customers

Employee and customer centered components in technology provide management of databases, marketing, engagement analysis, post sales service and performance communication thereby helping in employee and customer retention.

Operations Excellence

Operations Excellence