Explore Career Opportunities

    1. Senior Business Analyst
    2. Associate Consultant

    Internship For Students

    We at J.hirani are in constant mode of learning and exploring. Our teams have mentored a lot of students in past and helped them gain insight into various industries and how they work. Our summer internship program undertakes various themes of research, education, implementations to not only provide the best experience to the students, but also gain insights from the student’s work.

    Consulting Roles

    At J.hirani, Grades are divided by experience and not by type of work. Each level has a mandatory set of skills which one needs to achieve in order to be successful at that level and be able to move to the next.


    An Analyst is where one starts their journey into consulting. Most learning happens at this stage through observation and using tools. You get to understand the full picture by being a part of most client meets, analyzing problems and recommending solutions.


    Managers are half way there in their consultant journey. They are highly experienced and learned in managing team and their projects as well as own some clients partially. Our managers are those reliable bunch of people who get work done easily.


    Consultants are individuals with 360 degree knowledge and capabilities to manage clients and team. They are able to coach and lead a large number of clients, client’s team, and organization teams with varied projects on hand. They carry very strong project management, communications and leadership skills.