Meticulous Analysis

How We Engage

Our approach towards our assignments is scientific, purposeful, goal oriented, data based and time bound. We are highly inspired by Army Principles for Loyalty & Integrity, IT for their Project Management skills and Architecture for Design depth.

We are patient in understanding situations at hand as we firmly believe it is important to understand perspectives of different stakeholders and situations thoroughly before judgment is made. Lot of hard work and careful planning is undertaken in knowing the ins and outs of business, people, processes, culture, technologies, market dynamics and other influencing factors.

Only after this, challenges are arrived at and solutions are framed. But this is only the beginning. Design could be of a scorecard, a strategy document, a financial plan, a process chart, a goal tree, a marketing plan or a culture book. Whatever it may be, it is easy to frame industry friendly designs. Such designs which are followed/ framed by industry leaders. However, the perspective it lacks is how much sense the design makes to the challenge faced by the business, how much sense it makes to the business environment -internal and external.

As simple as it sounds, we design solutions with a goal to overcome the challenges faced by the business within its specific environment!

With the solution at hand and designing done, we are 50% there. We know exactly how to achieve a strategy, a new goal, a new outlook!

Now the Change

Reengineering, rewiring everything for the better. Execution and adapting to new methods, new tools, new experiences. Execution is a time consuming and challenging process requiring specific motivational and leadership traits. There are undeniable challenges which are expected from a human; like resistance to change, silos or units with competing agendas, lack of clear and decisive leadership, poor communication of design, inability to measure impact, and maybe the most popular and biggest obstacle: making it meaningful to frontiers, translating design to execution, aligning jobs to new Strategies.

For these reasons, since 2014, our team has re-wired their approach and focused on transformation, reengineering or implementation as we call it today. With a definite benefit to our clients, it has also helped us become responsible in our offerings and greatly improved the Value delivered to clients; eventually generating more joy in the journey of achieving shared goals with our clients.

Careful Implementation