Work from Home: From Anytime to All the Time

‘Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.’ John C. Maxwell said and the whole world quoted. Until 2020 came along, nobody knew it will be the truth, literally! However, one of the notable change that has just made people succumb to its prey whether they like it or not is in the work system, location & patterns which they have adjusted to long back. In a simpler term, It is the ‘Work from Home’, a change that is soon going to be the transformation and sooner or later; an ordinary mandate for the departments possible. This ‘Work from Home’ setup has brought in a new set of problems faced today. To name a few,

While the new listings are recognized today, Work from Home has given a significant up spike to already prevailing and deadly issues which this modern world is facing. Loneliness, Isolation, Depression, Anxiety, Stress have their fair share in destroying human lives. And the worst part is, lockdown and the virus enforced remote work setup has just rubbed the magic lamp and asked the Jeanie to accelerate their growth like rocket. And the sly wish is GRANTED! To support with the statistics, 52.9% of respondents to a survey across organizations such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, LinkedIn, and Walmart are facing loneliness during WFH and in the age of social distancing. Even in ordinary conditions, researches show that loneliness and isolation can be “twice as harmful to physical and mental health as obesity”. Close to 56.4% of employees who were part of a Blind survey said they had been “feeling anxiety during WFH and social distancing”. And upto 53% said they were experiencing mental health issues.

 To prevent the virus from spreading & causing deaths, lockdown, Social Distancing & limits of physical communication were introduced. But to contradict to the longevity wish of the citizens, Loneliness can increase the rate of early death by 26%, social isolation leads to an increased rate of mortality by 29% and living alone can take this up by 32%. However, there is no other option we have barring the self- realized actions that can help reduce the effects of Work from Home. And if you’re lucky enough to not have experienced them until now, prevent them from existing in your lives. The initials are always difficult though but this time it has to be made alright as 2020 is not just one but made up of an extraordinary number of ingredients which are destroying the Human Race. And the attack is more on the mind than the limbs.

 Here are a few tips of minds, tickets to keep us sane & going in this windy times.

We may practice all the above tells and tales but nothing would help if we don’t understand the days, days that are just hard. A wise leader creates an atmosphere a team member is open to, communicates better & has trust on. An open player gives you the chance to look at the real problems while a hider & a closed one just astrays from the reality!

P.S: Year 2020 may have been made of a chunk of different, uncertain & moody times but the final product of it are:


Shivangi Makhija, A PGDM in Finance by education & a Business Analyst at J. Hirani has worked for Power Backup & Forex industries so far. She is a spontaneous & a wanderer at heart, yet focused & patient which makes her versatile in her own ways!


Parth Hirani, is leading a strategic advisory practice at J.Hirani & has helped various organizations align strategies across continents. A social & collaborative sapien by nature.  He enjoys being a full time “dreamer” & loves challenging “possibilities”. 

Success mantra- “We believe it’s possible; while maintaining flexibility on “How” we are “Rigid” on our “Goals”

About J.hirani: J.hirani is a Strategic Transformation team which works as a growth partner for different organisations in various industries by providing services like Agile transformation, Scenario mapping, Strategic alignment, Balance scorecard, Digital transformation, Incubating new ventures, Operation excellence and Aligning human capital.

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