The need for Metamorphosis in IT&ITeS sector​

The COVID -19 pandemic has made the IT&ITeS organizations ground to a halt and reconsider their strategies. Attempting to re-evaluate their procedures now the IT&ITeS organizations must understand that they have to change their working models and the structures to support and be set up for what’s to come. The conventional model they have been working from the start is turning out to be out of date now and is loaded up with blemishes. The customary methodology and the attitude of the IT&ITeS industry have been to continually extend in one spot only. Be that as it may, this model and perspective of growth is old school now and have numerous blemishes some of them can be recorded as beneath.

The imperative of a new working model for IT&ITeS organizations is like never before. The cutback caused because of the COVID-19 is going to add lamp fuel to the previously consuming fire of the start-up culture of the IT&ITeS sector. These start-ups won’t just give an intense rivalry to the greater giants of the business yet will prompt a different model of working. A model of working that is spry, flexible with a lower operational expense. These characters of this new working model will shape the foundation of any organization. This new model won’t just be invited by these new businesses however even the greater giants need to give it an idea. In this better approach for working several small firms together will in general structure a network which thus will help in the foundation of a collective brand.

Decoding the futuristic model

In the collective brand model, a bee sanctuary like structure would be shaped in which numerous little firms will fill in as the structure square. These littler firms are self-guided and independent in their working and are located in several different places, the motivation behind why these little firms will meet up to frame a communitarian brand is to have extraordinary systems administration abilities and to manufacture a network. Likewise, the communitarian brand framed in such a way will enable these organizations to produce business notwithstanding it the interconnected system will likewise help them in creating business for one another. This model can be contrasted to some degree with a corporate umbrella yet the center quality of this model is its solid system and the network framed by the littler firms. The interconnected system would introduce a win-win circumstance for the entirety of the substances who are into it.

The structure of the collective brand working model furnishes organizations with built-in spryness, adaptability, flexibility, and redundancy. These implicit points of interest that this structure gives will be the significant motivation behind why everybody needs to grasp it. Another enormous preferred position that the auxiliary change will give the associations is the disposal of a requirement for hot sites, disaster recovery sites, cold sites and subsequently leading to decreased framework cost. All being said we feel ample opportunity has already past for IT&ITeS segment organizations to begin thinking and setting themselves up toward this path well ahead of time. Else, it may be simply past the point of no return for them.


Shubham Mahla: A B.Tech graduate who is currently pursuing his MBA from Institute of Management, Nirma University is associated with J.Hirani as an intern. His keen inclination towards Finance and passion for learning has persuaded him to explore the field with excellent work in research and application tools. His contribution in this article has helped him to develop holistic deep insights.


Parth Hirani is a leading strategic advisory practice at J.Hirani & has helped various organizations align strategies across continents. A social & collaborative sapien by nature.  He enjoys being a full time “dreamer” & loves challenging “possibilities”. 

Success mantra- “We believe it’s possible; while maintaining flexibility on “How” we are “Rigid” on our “Goals”

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