Role of technology in reviving Construction industry


In earlier parts of blog we learned about how construction industry has been impacted due to COVID 19 and what the ways to revive company from this situation are. While learning about the reviving we understood that adapting technology is one of the most integral part. And company cannot avoid in coming future. So with the help of and Mr. Bhargav Dave (LinkedIn – we have tried to identify some promising technological initiatives which might change the future of construction industry. Being a sector where digital technologies is not yet one of the essential pillar, there is a high possibility of the Construction sector is prone to disorder. According to McKinsey, construction sector’s annual productivity growth has increased by only 1% over the past 20 years, if was focused on higher productivity then extra $1.6 trillion worth value could have been created. So, in order to grow construction industry need to adopt new, interactive and innovative technologies. Below are some of the areas where technological advancement is going on.

Technological advancement

Digital Representation of Physical Location: 

Sensat created a cloud-based digital twin platform designed to help teams working in physical environments to interact with their workplaces digitally. The company’s platform uses artificial intelligence to generate digital representations of real-world locations, enabling construction companies to analyze their environments and improve the way they make decisions. These digital replicas are then paired with effective visualization tools, making the construction processes much more efficient and easily manageable

High-quality ground deformation maps:

Dares Technology is an aviation and aerospace company that offers ground motion measurements, ground deformation and mapping products using radar satellite images. Applications range from mining to oil & gas and infrastructure industry, such as stability of key infrastructure projects before, during, and after construction as well as during maintenance, ground motion of oil and gas reservoirs and infrastructures for conventional as well as unconventional oil, gas, and gas storage areas.

Collaborative Project Management Solution:

Visilean developed a cloud-based construction management solution intended for construction professionals and workers to work more efficiently. The company’s platform allows teams to get access to their work packages and participate in pull sessions by creating weekly plans themselves with the option of importing plans from other solution systems, thereby allowing users to track and visualize progress in real-time. Featuring BIM integration, VisiLean enables real-time tracking of these plans through mobile apps and execution views, where crews can report back on progress and attach photos, and notes. With the use of intuitive dashboards, VisiLean’s solution is able to support lean production planning and control workflow – increasing productivity, enhancing savings and reducing wasted efforts during the whole construction process

Automation of Machine Control: 

Vemcon designed an automation system that rethinks heavy machinery control. Combining hydraulics, robotics, ergonomics, and artificial intelligence, its manufacturer-independent platform is able to integrate tailor-made controls and driver assistance into an innovative tool management system, enabling users to work with machines more safely and precisely. Through the elimination of isolated solutions on construction sites and the reduction of the overall complexity of heavy-duty processes, Vemcon’s solution increases the productivity of mobile work machines in operation, also helping to combat the shortage of skilled workers.

Cutting edge analysis of construction processes:

Contilio is an analytics startup at the intersection of construction, Deeptech, and B2B SaaS, which makes use of 3D computer vision and an AI data analytics platform to turn site data into real-time insights on construction progress. After having captured data onsite, Contilio’s 3D machine learning engine automatically analyses advancements, performance KPIs and risks, subsequently visualizing insights that integrate with the construction schedule. With its integration of AI and computer vision, Contilio’s solution has the potential to significantly improve productivity, cash flow and delivery speed of any construction project.


So to conclude the construction sector is a thriving and dynamic field for innovation. Multiple technologies and startups are emerging worldwide to help businesses tackle the inefficiencies that today characterize the whole construction cycle – from design to planning, execution, and monitoring. Now the question is how well we as a industry or a company can adopt these technology and use it to make our construction projects successful.


Jaysheel Buch, is Chartered Accountant working as a Strategic Business Consultant covering small to large organization across India. Apart from financial consulting his key work areas are Financial modeling and Analytics. Numbers are his playground, where he plays with them in such a way that they seems super easy. Apart from finance, he has also worked in Operational as well as Strategic areas and benchmarking for the clients organization

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