“Holding Culture before Policy, Always”

Leadership and Competencies to become an Exponential Organisation

Successful leadership is able to maintain a good organization culture and drive consistent results by guiding team and keep them motivated.

The organization faces change in customer attitudes, employee attitudes; changing how we work and how we communicate. The challenge is to become agile and have supporting structures to implement changes.

HR has the opportunity to be a strong link between what the business desires and what culture supports their mission.

Excerpts from conference, views expressed by Director, Mr. Parth Hirani, Jagdish Hirani & Associates.

Leaders must constantly put culture before policy. They must partner the shared mission and align teams like a glue.

A nurturing attitude and an emotional connection with team is important. Going by the philosophy of servant leadership, a strong sense of trust between teams and leaders have a direct correlation on performance. When teams know the leadership well, are able to share views and be transparent, it helps earning trust of employees.

Last but not the least, in order to be a global organization, diverse workforce is extremely valuable. It is the job of leader to nurture this diversity, encourage an unselfish mind-set, and create more leaderships within organization by harnessing the advantages that diversity brings in skills, thoughts and attitudes.

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Casestudy: Quba Architectural Hardware

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People and Culture

People and Culture