EPP – A Journey of Agile Transformation

EPP – A Journey of Agile Transformation

A company can do wonders when they are well aware about the challenges which are hindering their growth acceleration & also, when to collaborate with the right people. While EPP was growing consistently they believed the journey must be accelerated to capture the market opportunities and fulfil long term vision. Team J.Hirani was appointed as partner in this journey to identify growth barriers and solutions. Together the team identified 3 major challenges in the organization which was becoming a hindrance in the growth:

An organization can increase their growth speed only when their internal team is collaborated. Similar was the case of EPP, effectiveness in collaboration of cross functional teams was lacking & also the teams were not clear about their roles. In order to collaborate them better, we jointly worked on development of Self Managing team i.e. SCRUM. In scrum team, facilitators created the new organization structure by allocating required functions extension to each units and also the role were revised as per agile structure which eventually resulted in team being aligned with organization’s goals, reduction in back & forth communication, Meetings were more brainstorming sessions & not of Blame games, eco system between Central & Unit team was clear, increased Customer satisfaction which ultimately led to Team satisfaction that helped the company to achieve their goals.

It is important for any organization to review their growth from 360° view. Earlier, major focus of the organization was on financial & other parameters were not given much importance. Together, we redesigned the Scorecard wherein all the stakeholders’ goals were aligned with the organizational goals & saw a positive shift in the scorecards, which made the Review meetings effective and company could see tremendous benefits post 6 months of roll out; few outcomes were as below:




time of approval of drawings



consumption deviation








With the help of Scrum & Balanced Scorecard teams were empowered to effectively work on their goals. In order to increase the speed of internal operations, it is necessary for an organization to give autonomy and empowerment to the team which involves high risk operationally as well as financially. In order to reduce the same, organization required regulatory guidelines for budgeting, financial controls, etc. So, to fulfill we developed development of Framework of Financial governance which included Authorities matrix, Accounting and Financial guidelines, Portfolio management, Overhead management & many more which included possible risk situation and process to control those. This helped team in taking the ownership as well as the company can safeguard its goodwill by reducing the risk.

It’s critical for organizations to recognize that speed doesn’t only come from emotions; and leaders must engineer their organizations which cannot just sustain but nurture the speed rather than resisting the same!


Saurin Parikh, who has done Masters in International Business and Management Information System from Texas, is also a Certified Business Analyst. He started as a business analyst with Jagdish Hirani & Associated, is currently leading the core operations of transformation projects. He has wide experience in industries like home furnishing, diamond, tourism, food sectors etc.  He is Observant, Conscious about facts, Patient, Positive, gives attention to detail and believes in total Completeness. 

Success Mantra – “You have to touch ground (foundation) to make perfect organizations. Right methods with consistent approach are bound to yield results”

About J.Hirani: J.Hirani is a Strategic Transformation team which works as a growth partner for different organizations in various industries by providing services like Agile transformation, Scenario mapping, Strategic alignment, Balance scorecard, Digital transformation, Incubating new ventures, Operation excellence and Aligning human capital.

About EPP: EPP Composites is one of the leading global players in the Composite Industry. Company’s main focus is on Quality and Customer Service. It is a global multi-product, multi-divisional group that is engaged in manufacturing of Composite Products in India. 

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