What is your HR Communication Strategy?

74% of your people may be missing out on information

As per some research 74% of workforce feel that they are missing out on company’s information, daily news and some other research suggests that a huge 72% of workforce do not have a full understanding of the company’s mission as well as strategy. As per a survey by salesforce 86% of company executives feel that inefficient HR communication is a major reason of business failures.

Every business gets actively involved in managing external stakeholders. The partnership is very vital for future growth and sustainability of the business but what about the management of internal stakeholders? Human Resources have been discussed as an integral part of the organization but the success rate of it is not still remarkable. There may be many reasons. Some of them are Underestimating the Human Resources, Prioritize the systems and process over people, short term evaluation, etc. the base of all these reasons is ineffective HR communication.

HR communication is a factor that binds every stakeholder within the organization and help them all to succeed individually and organization as whole. Communication is the key with which maximum productivity can be achieved. It reduces the wastage of efforts and focus on unnecessary tasks. HR communication is related to all the activities that make people feel belonged to the company. People training, benefits, pay, news, etc definitely helps the workforce succeed. But the bridge connecting Mission of company’s leadership and team is broken most of the times.

Considering the challenge of effective HR communication, there are four verticals as a part of IPEC model, can prove to be drivers in achieving the goal of successful HR communication and avoiding hassles.


The first step is to initiate any activity regarding HR communication strategy. The failure of communication is never analysed further. Identifying the issues faced by people becomes very important. It can be divided in following activities:

People segmentation: First of all, identify the segment of the people based on departments and psychology during the execution of any policy. All the people will have different opinions and preferences. Make segments based on characteristics.

Conduct an Audit: audit of the old process and strategies followed by the people. Observe the difficulties faced by them and prepare a report. Moreover, one also needs to see as what is the status of internal relationship between leadership and team members? Value proposition for each segment, there will be different value propositions to offer like Performance based process, Customization for needs, Getting the job done, Conveniency. Keep a proper track on the activities and allot the VP according to the same.


After identifying the needs and issues faced by people, the company needs to plan the strategy starting from redefining objectives and communication methods to implement them in an effective manner. Whether it is Upward Communication or Downward Communication or Diagonal Communication, make sure the flow of information stays smooth. Plan all the engagement activities and starting from engaging to get feedback.

Resource requirements: Make a list of requirements of resources for the implementation of the strategy i.e., Technology (software), materials, etc.

Prepare the budget: after deciding activities and resources required, make a budget for the same. HR communication or internal stakeholders’ management is equally important as Customers Satisfaction or external stakeholders’ management.


Start engaging people with the activities planned. Invest 100% efforts in workforce engagement. Understanding the below points will get the decent idea about the effective engagement.

Promote Two-Way Communication: Always promote two-way communication so that people feel the sense of belonging and not hesitate to participate. This is the key to the mutual respect and trust by which the involvement of people becomes very easy.

Engaging Content: There has to be some engaging content to present the activities planned for the people.

  • The hype about the campaign or event is a great thing to have while engaging. Introducing a teaser / trailer of the campaign / event into internal communications strategy can be highly engaging when it comes to team buy-in.
  • Gamification: Gamification can generate a lot of engagement. Similar concept as Nike can also be exercised for the involvement of people where there is a team planning & working together for winning the prizes.


Connecting the people after implementing strategy includes collecting feedback and analysing the same for future rectifications. As mentioned earlier, analysing existing processes is necessary before correcting it. So, with this step the process of HR communication strategy becomes a cycle and continues to evolve with new on-boardings and changing environment of the organization.

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